Grammy Award Winning Producer Inspires Young Minority Males

Patrick Douthit a.k.a 9th Wonder visited Wilmington for the first time to help inspire young men to stay in school and overcome adversity to accomplish their goals. ‘9th Wonder’ is a Grammy award winning producer and a lecturer for Duke Univeristy. During his discussion he uses his own personal life experiences to tell the young college age and high school men that he has lived the life many of them are currently experiencing. He goes on to explain how not long ago he was sleeping on the sofa of a close friend. Ten years later he was awarded a grammy! Motivating male students is at times extremly difficult however through Mr. Douthit using his affiliation with names like Jay-Z, Little Brother, and Drake to show how important professionalism is no matter what stage in life you’re currently in he was able to captured their imaginations and leave a lasting impression.   

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Travis Corpening


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