Do trends like saggy pants affect performance?

Do fads like sagging pants affect classroom performance?  Popular culture undoubtedly shapes school fashion, but do the trends we see dawned by teens and late adolescents affect whether a person is successful?  Working with people over the years I’ve learned that often self-esteem is linked to outward appearance. It’s amazing how feeling good about the way you look on the outside seems to improve your outlook.  Behavior many times follows. Unfortunately whether on the job or  in the classroom your appearance will also affect the way others percieve your abilities.  Do you assume a kid is a thug based on the way they are dressed? (Be honest.)

Studies have already been done to determine that attractive people seem to make more money and be more successful in the job market. More attractive students also seem to get more attention and higher marks from their teachers. It’s true! Dont just take my word for it. Click the link below————————

Also, take the time to read the this article showing that a college athlete was was arrested in a San Francisco airport based on his saggy jeans. Feel free to comment.


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