How Do Athletics Help Improve Grades for Girls?

Studies have long shown that being engaged and active can increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and help with concentration. The benefits of athletics in education have also been well documented.  In 2002 study in Sociology of Education it was concluded that “participating in athletics helps students perform well academically during high school more than any other extracurricular activity.” However, its not just any athletic activity that increases grades.  One important feature in the link between athletic participation and achievement seemed to be that the activities, “were structured by an adult or a professional. According to the article we’ve cited below, “Kids who participated in unstructured intramural sports (within a school) not only did not get the same benefit as those in interscholastic sports (between or among schools), “they seemed to do worse academically because of their participation.”

The link below will take you to the article and even shows how a study “published in 2007 on some long-term benefits of sports showed that playing on a high school sports team increased a young woman’s chances of graduating from college by 41 percent.”


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