How Do You Help Students That Don’t Want To Be Taught?

People often ask what are the keys to learning and student success.   Good question. How do we help students that don’t want to be helped?  It’s kind of like trying to put information into a notebook with no pages. Difficult. Well, what if I told you that we not only needed to completely change the way we approached education, but how we prepare students to be taught.  Students are easier to teach, if they love or at least value knowing.  A biblical proverb says it best.  Proverbs 12 says, “Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish.” Someone who enjoys being taught enjoys learning; and I would venture to say if someone enjoys learning, then they will gladly accept instruction.

We have to start raising our children to enjoy learning instead of hating to be taught.  No, I am not crazy and I know that all kids aren’t going to love school.  What I am
saying, however, is that even a person who hates the idea of school can love knowing the answers.  Deep down what person do you know that doesn’t enjoy having the right answer?  That’s where it starts. Even if it’s not cool to say the right answer in class because of what your peers will say, it feels good to know it.  We have to reinforce the positive value of education so that students are feeling good about getting smarter.  Instilling this in children doesn’t need to start in the classroom.  It starts at birth.



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