“Students Using Internet Drugs to Get High?”–‘In Case You Missed It’

It’s no surprise to anyone that many teens spend their idle time getting high. In this past year’s newsletter we reported an activity that seemed to be a growing  issue for students.  According to reports there’s apparently a new way to party. Getting high over the internet! Yes. It’s true. It’s being reported that one of the new ways teens are getting high is through the web or “i-dosing.” Some say it’s safer then the real thing so there isn’t cause for alarm.  The fear, however, is that using these drugs could be a gateway to other drugs.  All across the internet companies are luring youth to their sites where youth can purchase various sounds- “bi-nural or two tone technology to alter your mental state.”  Is it for real or are youth simply acting out? Unsure how to protect against it, some “educators have gone so far as to ban iPods at school, in hopes of preventing honor students from becoming cyber-drug fiends…” according to Oklahoma News 9.  As the new be sure to stay abreast this school year to future reports and where this fad goes.  I have attached below a a link to an article from Time Magazine disucssing the problem. Also be sure to check out the video on the issue as well.

Check out the video report below:



Another fad that I have actually had to combat in the classroom myself has been a form of synthetic marijuana a.k.a “legal bud.” Fortunately the government  banned the substance for 1 year while the Department of Health and Human Services decides whether it should be permanently controlled. With names like K2, orange kush, and jamaican gold students were buying this in locations as common as the mall or convenience stores.







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