Spoken Word Poetry Changes Lives

With the issues that life forces many of us to cope with there is always a need for some sort of personal release. I usually find my release reading, dancing, or just by being creative.  At one time or another all of us have felt inadequate, been bullied, or just felt powerless to change our situation. We often blame youth for acting out when they feel frustration rather than trying to help them deal with their issues. Students from the Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement (PYPM) have found their release in spoken word. For those of you who don’t know what spoken word is it’s a form of poetry with a raw energy that borders on the cusp of hip-hop. Spoken word can express anything from the truest love to outright rage. Lately, as the popularity of violent flashmobs remain on the rise, these Philidelphia students want their city to be known for more. Leaders of PYPM wish city officials would give more attention to positive accomplishments. PYPM recently won the Brave New Voices poetry competition beating out teams from as far as Europe. PYPM not only teaches them a positive way to cope with what happens in their sometimes tragic lives  the students attend writing workshops to hone their literary skills.

How do you cope during hard times?

Check out this video:




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