Young Male Attire: Do you Judge them, or Teach them?

Often we criticize young males for their attire. Whether their pants are 3 sizes too tight and sagging; or their shirt is too baggy we all have an opinion on what we think they should or shouldn’t be wearing. The question for us as onlookers is do we ever take the time to actually teach them appropriate attire? Usually we don’t.  Peers, and school hall idols have no problem spending time with other youngsters trading fashion tips.  We as adults on the other hand feel satisfied simply being loud and demonstrative, tearing them down for not looking the way we think they should.  Well…. If you didn’t already know, “It’s not working!”

Even if a young man is extremely gifted the first impression he leaves on employers is very important.  Why not teach rather than judge?  I charge you as youth service providers, mentors, teachers, or just local citizens to help a youngster with their attire before you judge them by how they’re dressed. Here, my friend Craig Stokes, helps us out by teaching young males what to wear to an interview on this episode of his internet show, Style Minute.  Check out the video and let me know what you think. Craig is an awesome presenter as well.


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