From Classrooms to Corporate America…Doodling is Changing Things


We’ve all done it at one point or another.  Think back to those long boring summer days in high school trying to stay awake during AP physics. Some people find themsleves doing it during daily staff or business meetings.  I’ve even seen people doodling during phone conversations seemingly unaware that they’re drawing pictures instead of words.  No matter where you do it, doodling is rarely looked at as a positive outlet.  Design firm owner, Sunni Brown, has discovered that doodling can help improve cognitive performance.  Immunologist Virginia Scofield,  of the University of Texas at San Antonio, found this to be true as well.  Years ago, while in college stressing about remembering the complex frameworks of “organic chemstry” she tried doodling them instead.  Realizing how much it improved her thought process, she’s “incorporated doodling and visual note-taking into her university classroom…” Check out this video and article through the link below to see exactly, “What We Learn From Doodling” and how doodling could help you!


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