A Local Student/Athlete Overcomes Being Shot and Life’s Hurdles to Succeed!

As an ex-student athlete I often find myself traveling to local courts to check out the up and coming talent. Every now and then I get to see a kid that I feel may truly have potential to be something special.  Well, a few years back I was at a local Wilmington, N.C gynasium watching some kids playing city league ball.  As I watched the games take shape I noticed a kid playing that was beyond just a raw talent.  He was special.  His name was Rakeem Wilson, and I just knew he was set to do great things as long as life didn’t throw him a cruve ball that he couldn’t hit. I’m not one to compare athletes but if I had to describe the type of game he had it would be somewhere between a young Jason Kidd and Allen Iverson. He was so young at the time that the players he was playing against should have been able handle him with no problem.  This wasn’t at all the case. He played as if he were on skates. Noone could stay with him!

It’s a shame that life doesn’t always pan out the way we expect. It’s good however that perseverance still pays off. This article in SLAM Magazine highlighting the life of this young man shows how he has overcome obstacles like being shot, injured, and simply misguided to being an inspiration to students everywhere.



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