Creating Beauty from Pain

I recently watched the film the Hip-Hop Project.  It’s the story of a man that went from being homeless to creating a movement to teach youth how to express themselves through music as way to deal with the tough issues many of them face.  To remain a part of the Hip-Hop Project students were asked not only to put in the work necessary to complete the album but also to succeed academically (which some found difficult to do).  Gaining a lot of momentum from it’s raw energy and truth, The Hip Hop Project has garnered the support of stars like Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah.  The creator of the program was abandoned by his mother at the age of fifteen and found solace in hip hop and just wanted to share that with other troubled youth.   The film has profanity however it was a treat to see someone producing something powerful and relevant from their own pain. Check out the trailer and feel free to comment.  Thank You for following me on Twitter-@shaperspeaks


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