[Video] 50 cent or Barrack Obama: An Award Winning Filmaker Shares His Opinion

Many of us take the stance that when it comes to finding role models for minority male students there are few positive options in the media.  Many question whether the major media powers seem to be more willing to display images of sterotypical minority males like hip-hop artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, or 50 cent rather than the more positive image of men like Barrack Obama. Well, award winning filmmaker Byron Hurt decided to challenge not only young men but young women to honestly look at the real day-to-day lives of minority men.  If you spend any significant time watching the news or popular music videos you’ll notice that many mainstream media oulets leave America to assume that all minority males are striving to either be gangsters, drug dealers, womenizers, or some sort of social deviants.  The negative impact of this is felt strongest in the lives young minority males especially when there are a lack of other positive options.

This film challenges that notion, along with forcing us to take a deeper look at what impact having a minority male president may have on the  minds of our young people.  It’s important that we as adults see that there are other options outside of the stereotype, however, I believe it’s more important that young males; minority and otherwise, see that 50 cent is not the only form of minority male masculinity that exists. Do you believe that society does enough to show positive forms of black and brown masculinity? Is it even societies job to do that?

Take a look at the film and please leaveyour comments here on shaperspeaks.com. I’d be interested in hearing how you guys feel about this one.  Also stay tuned as new original videos for you to use in your classrooms and/or church small groups are soon to come.



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