Young Minds to Work-Learning the Principles of A Young Mogul

I love putting young minds to work! Entrepreneurship has been the saving grace for so many people.  From those looking for something to fill the void left by unemployment and financial strain to those that simply feel a lack of purpose successful business ownership can serve needs of many.  A while ago with the goal of teaching young people the importance decision-making and self-branding I began to develop an idea into a curriculum called, “The Young Mogul.” The purpose was not to teach young people to be moguls but instead to help them realize that the successful principles of moguls are useful whether you decide to be a business man or a garbage man.  From those who’ve been laid off, ex-offenders, troubled men and women; we all can learn from what makes those who’ve reached the top of their respective games, great. Students love the exercises and what they are learning from them. Students receiving a certificate will have learned:  


Decision Making

Business planning

Professional behavior on or off the job

Improved Vocabulary and it’s importance and much more…


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