To Skip or Not to Skip

I would feel extremely confident in saying that virtually everyone at one time or another has, at some point, taken a mental health day from school.  Whether they didn’t quite study as much as they needed for an upcoming test, or they just wanted to hang out with friends, millions of kids choose to skip school everyday and sometimes we adults don’t say a word about it.  If you’re a parent you may rarely know if your kid is skipping or not.  Some parent’s, however, may not mind their child asking to take a day here and there.  After all it’s just one day, right?  Honestly, most adults take mental health days from work all the time called, vacation days.  So why can’t kids? Well, according to “A survey recently published at cites data that as many as 7 million students – about 15% of the K-12 population – are out of school 18 or more days of the school year.” The study goes on to say, “that students who skip more than 10 days of school are significantly (about 20%) less likely to get a high school diploma.  And they’re 25% less likely to enroll in higher education.”  So, what is this saying? In short, stay involved with your kid’s school lives. If you’re a parent visit as often as you can, and if you’re a youth service provider help them feel school is not just for walls but a place where fun and future can meet!

Stay tuned! This month’s focus is retention. This Sunday at 7 AM we’ll launch a weekly ShaperSpeaks radio broadcast focused on social, and community education and empowerment.  We’ll be coming in loud and clear from Wilmington, NC radio station Coast 97.3.  If you miss it or aren’t able to get the show, don’t worry! All of our shows will be streamed directly to so you can catch all of our weekly topics and special guests. See you then!

Remember… Always Live Chosen!

   Kids Who Skip

10 or more days = 20% less likely to get a

High School Diploma

10 or more days = 25% less likely to enroll in

Higher Education

Checkout the article!


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