We’ve Got A Lot Goin’ On In October!

Mark your calendars! We’re finishing up September strong and October is going to be huge! Me and Shaper friends are going to be virtually everywhere this upcoming month and I’d love for you all to share it with us. This Sunday at 7 AM check me out on Coast 97.3 for the next episode of the ShaperSpeaks show where I have the opportunity to sit down with Frankie Roberts of Leading Into New Communities (LINC). On the show Frankie will share the powerful things LINC is doing and what he believes our city can do to help turn around our offender population and help those that have made mistakes pull themselves up from the bottom. Don’t miss it!

October 20th I will be teaming up with Teachers Aid on Kerr Avenue to hold the second “The Eye of the Mentor” Book Signing. Teachers Aid is an awesome place to get all of your classroom or parental needs for students. I will have books, t-shirts, and goodies on hand to help you educate and empower your children or students to Live Chosen!

On the 31st we plan to wrap up October by taking part in the widely popular New Beginning Chrisitian Church event—Halellujah Night. Along with other positive groups like Electionsure we will celebrate the 31st in style with powerful new music featuring a special never before heard remix release of their hit Backpacks and Snapbacks. Come enjoy music, food, family, and friends at Martin Luther King Center Park as Halellujah Night teaches youth to unmask Halloween.


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