A New Response to Fear..Winning!

                                        Teaching Kids to Overcome Fear

Fear can be a debilitating thing.  How you respond to it can be the difference in success and failure, winning or losing, and even life or death.  Fortunately for Cullen Jones it was overcoming that fear that resulted in him becoming a role model, an Olympian, and a 2012 Gold Medalist.  At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Jones won silver medals in the 50-meter freestyle and the 4×100-meter freestyle relay. He earned a gold medal in the 4×100-meter medley relay after swimming the freestyle leg in the preliminaries.  Saying he was a phenomenal athlete would be an understatement! Listening to all of this it’s hard to believe that at the age of 5 Cullen almost drowned when his tube flipped over at a water park.  During this near tragedy, Jones was underwater for 30 seconds holding on tight to his tube because he had no idea what to do to survive.  According to his mother he was clinically dead.  As a result his mother soon signed him up for swimming lessons.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Cullen now encourages parents today to teach their children to swim by working with the  Make A Splash Initiative.  Interesting how fear that often breaks people actually makes others stronger.  So I ask you…How do you respond to fear?


O yea…to all of those in Southeastern North Carolina, be sure to check me  out on my new show ShaperSpeaks @Coast 97.3 every Sunday at 7 A.M.  Through interviewing special guests and community agencies the show focuses on educating and empowering communities to do and be more! See you Sunday!

Shaper; where we empower and educate through music, movement, and media!


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