Girls Dance!; Moving to Change

Click text below to listen to Episode 5 of the ShaperSpeaks show:

                                                                                                                                                                                                   D.O.I Dance Robbin Williams

Learning to self-brand, believing in yourself, and gaining improved self-worth are all a part of realizing your inner greatness!  All of these things are what Robbin Williams, creator of the D.O.I Dance conference, will be instilling in young girls on November 2nd, and 3rd.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Williams along with two of her Dolls of Inspiration (D.O.I) on my show ShaperSpeaks earlier this week (Every Sunday on Coast 97.3 in Wilmington, NC!).  To say I was impressed with Mrs. Williams’ vision for the event would be an understatement.  The 2 day conference themed, Y.O.U. – Your Own Uniqueness is designed to encourage young girls ages 12-18 to find, embrace, and create what is unique about themselves.  Her goals fall right in line with national studies that show that young females involved in physical activities such as dance have higher levels of self-esteeman improved self body image, and more trust for others.  Her conference will feature guest speakers who through interactive discussion will lead powerful workshops on beauty, body, and brains.  The conference will also including high energy, inspirational dance workshops, introducing creative movements. 

Her movement to help young girls is needed in a time when media influences are misguiding young people and causing teen girls to second guess the importance of their intellect.  Many of you already know the importance Shaper places on branding, vision, and growing into your purpose. With her focus of beauty, body, and brains I wanted to highlight D.O.I as one example of a powerful individual vision to teach others to Live Chosen!

Changing girls perception of beauty is a charge that everyone has to take part in. Take a look at this video by Dove called, Evolution that shows how our perception of outward beauty is truly just a mirage.

                                                                                                                                                  D.O.I Dance Robbin Williams


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