Live Chosen! Find Purpose in Entreprenuership


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the WILMA Expo.  For those of you who may have been living under a rock the Wilma Expo is the “Wilmington region’s largest annual gathering for women. With thought-provoking stories, Wilma Magazine highlights southeastern North Carolina’s most successful women.” Entrepreneurs and people from all over the state served as vendors and attendees for the event. It was fabulous! Many of you who follow the ShaperSpeaks Radio Morning Show every Sunday at 7 AM know that this month our focus is entrepreneurship.  DriveDetermination…and an unrelenting desire to win despite all odds has been our language! The WILMA expo was a great kick-off!  Seeing so many stories of people finding their path through overcoming hardship I wanted to show the connection between pursuing an entreprenurial vision and reaching your purpose. Many of the same traits and characteristics that will make us successful people can also make us into successful entrepreneurs.  In December I’ve had the pleasure hosting special guests such as the director of Cape Fear Community College’s Small Business Center Doug Tarble, and the entrepreneurial minded M.B.A Pastor Robert L. Campbell of New Beginning Christian Church in Wilmington, NC.  As we move into 2013 many people still need solutions for financial growth beyond their current employment.  I believe entrepreneurship can be that solution.  Entrepreneurship serves as a more immediate answer to a lingering problem that many students, and unemployed adults face in the current economy. Recent graduates who are finding themselves without employment, students in community college trying to erase a criminally checkered past, and even young high schoolers who don’t really have an idea of what they want to do after they’re out on their own, can all benefit from developing and working toward an entrepreneurial vision. Entrepreneurship can help, not only adults trying to get beyond hard times financially, but also people simply in need of a fresh start emotionally.  Some of us have unbelievable talents and gifts in areas that could shape our futures however we’re afraid to pursue or launch out using them. As a result many times people’s gifts fizzle out or are never truly used to their full potential.

Knowing that this was one possible reason people get stuck in lives they aren’t happy living or in businesses that have ceased to grow I asked Mr. Tarble what are some of the reasons business fail?” After slowly sipping his glass of water he responds in a very matter of fact way by saying,”Going into business for the wrong reasons!”

Isn’t money the only reason to go into business?  Well…not exactly.  If successful, your small business will hopefully make a profit, however if you are starting business simply to make money research shows your chances of being successful are not as great as if you started it because you have a passion for what you’re doing.  You’ll also need to have a strong belief that, based on your own personal study and investigation, the product or service you are providing will actually fulfill a true need in the marketplace.  During a more recent interview last week one of the things I asked Pastor Campbell was, “What causes us as individuals to be afraid of pursuing our vision?” All of us have had a fear of pushing forward at one time or another. Pastor Campbell explains that you’ll need to push beyond past failures in order to succeed. Just because you failed once doesn’t mean you’re a failure. “Delayed does not mean denied,” as he so eloquently puts it.  That’s why everyone, business owner or not, needs the drive to push forward when others would quit.  Countless people have fallen short of claiming the growth that could have been theirs if they would have persevered. On this Monday January 31 New Beginning Christian Church will be holding their annual Praise In The New Year event at Cape Fear Community College’s Schwartz Center at 7.


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