Changing A City With Film

Chief Evangelous outdoors

Cops and Movies? Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous and Linda Rawley aim to change the way you see Police in the Port City!

Listen in to ShaperSpeaks by clicking below and hear the interview with the Chief.

O.K…are you ready? Summer’s virtually here and cities across the U.S usually see a surge in crime just as much as they see a surge in temperature.
On one of our most recent ShaperSpeaks episodes we get a chance to engage in some “real talk” with Wilmington North Carolina Police Chief Ralph Evangelous. In this candide interview with the chief we discuss violence in our city as well as his own experiences with bullying and how to fight it. Lately the Wilmington Police Department has spearheaded some valiant efforts to think outside of the box and connect with all demographics of our community. With two of their recent efforts they have set their sites on battling some major issues like bullying, and joblessness. In an effort to show students that you can overcome hate in a non-violent manner they took U-Turn students to see the movie “42”. “42” is a feature film that tells the life story of baseball great Jackie Robinson. I attended the last film they screened at Thalian Hall titled “Bully”. This film takes an in depth look at what happens in many schools if a child reports being bullied…NOTHING! Too many times we as adults overlook the possible affects of being bullied and feeling trapped by it. The WPD partnered with New Hanover County Schools to bring the film to parents and teachers hopefully bringing awareness to the issue and inspiring others to act.  Next, Linda and the chief will host a FREE public screening of the Academy Award winning film “Undefeated” at the Cape Fear Community College Schwartz Center. The film will be shown June 20th at 6:00 P.M. and tickets are available now at Wilmington Police Department. So far I see nothing but great things happening as a result everything they are doing.


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