D.O.I Dance Gives Girls Confidence


 October 15th 2012 we posted an entry highlighting an interview with an up and coming Young Mogul for young girls.  A few weeks earlier I had the pleasure of interviewing this young women who had a vision of changing the lives of young women through dance.  D.O.I, standing for Dolls of Inspiration, was the brain child of this women whose name is Robbin Williams. The focus of D.O.I is on brains, body, beauty, and self-branding. Just recently Robbin had her first cohort of graduates from the D.O.I Dance Program. The event was beyond elegant and well attended as Robbin has obviously garnered the support of the surrounding community.  It was wonderful to hear speakers anxious to deposit into the lives of these young women. A special “Butterfly Award” was given to my fellow radio comrade Ms. Sandra Mclammy or “Yo Girl Sandra” from Coast 97.3 for her efforts with the girls.  For D.O.I, the butterfly is their emblem and symbolizes what it helps young girls to do by fostering their growth and transformation. This month being Young Mogul Month on my show ShaperSpeaks, Robbin kicked us off right and sets the bar high for other young women and men to duplicate as we try to positively influence our greatest asset; OUR CHILDREN!

Shaper, will have our first Young Mogul Professional Playground event on August 3rd at New Beginning Christian Church at 3:00. The focus is on young men ages 14-20.  We look forward to presentations by the entrepreneurs like Bigg-B from Coast 97.3  and Isaiah Hunter, C.E.O of Wilmington Jet-Ski Rentals; but also activities like that of led by Dillards Department Store, on professional dress and what employers look for. There will be music and more for your sons to learn and take away valueable knowledge and tools to get employed. The registration is $10 and those interested can become a part of the Young Mogul Playground by registering through the link below.

Register online today at : http://youngmogul.eventbrite.com

Young Mog flyer copy

Young Mogul _logo1

Register online today at : http://youngmogul.eventbrite.com


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