Cruisin For Kids with WRAAP

It’s always great to support those programs in our community that give more then just lip service to the idea of helping kids,Do, and be more.  Recently I was asked by long time friend Mr. Daryl Dockery to help in an effort to raise money for a program that does just that.  WRAAP, which stands for Wilmington’s Residential Adolescent Achievement Place, is a phenomenal not-for-profit that has a goal to bridge the educational and social gaps that exist amongst youth, families, and communities. With an unstable economy, every day presents new and difficult challenges for youth and families.  Our city, in the wake of many recent violent outcries, has a need for quality After-School care now more then ever.  WRAAP strives to meet that need.  Like many important programs in our community WRAAP continues to try and find resources to help with it’s goal of changing the lives of youth and families. The activities at WRAAP are designed to improve end of grade test scores & behavioral performances.  Always searching for new ways to expand their network of supporters, WRAAP is proud to announce its most recent effort called the 2nd Annual “Crusin For Kids” fundraiser.

The event involves a night on the Henrietta cruise ship that sets sail on August 15, 2013 and will help raise funds for WRAAP as they celebrate 6 years of service in the community.  Embark upon a night of fun and entertainment under the stars aboard the Henrietta Cruise Ship while supporting an award winning non-profit youth program in Wilmington.

The night will include Food, music, entertainment and special drawings. The “Cruisin For Kids” fundraiser event will cast off aboard the Henrietta in downtown Wilmington on August 15, 2013 at 6 pm and return to port by 9 pm.

“Cruisin For Kids” on the Henrietta Cruise Ship is supported by a network of business leaders, private citizens, and community volunteers. To learn more about WRAAP visit the website at  This benefit supports children and families right here in the Wilmington community. If you would like to make a donation or contribution to WRAAP’s 2nd Annual “Cruisin For Kids” fundraiser please contact Mr. Daryl Dockery at 910.392.6007 / 910.520.9286.  To purchase tickets please call (910) 392-6007.   Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for kids.



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