Change in Action at Teen Summit

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This past weekend I had the most fun I have had in a long while.  On August 24th Urban Promotions of Wilmington, NC held their 8th Annual Teen Summit at Wilmington’s Community Boys and Girls Club. The effort is led by the towns local radio personalities Brandon “Bigg-B” Hickman, and Sandra McClammy  of Coast 97.3. Teen summit reaches out to youth from all over the city.  I was blessed not only to have been in attendance but to be asked to speak to the young men that were involved in the event. With all of the senseless teen violence Wilmington has seen for the past 3 months Teen Summit was a powerful move to save lives by improving self-efficacy and changing the way youth think. Teen Summit is designed to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to deterring violence and youth misbehavior.  During the event my goal was to reaffirm the dreams of the young men there by teaching them to realistically look at how they will be accomplished. I used a familiar message that I often use for students in a group I facilitate called Young Mogul.  To these young men I reinforce to them that they are “Chosen for a greater purpose; Destined to live beyond measure; and Designed to be more then Conquerors.” Young Mogul members will be a group that continue to meet and learn from entrepreneurs principles to succeed. Local young women’s leader Robbin Williams founder of the of D.O.I Dolls also facilitated a session as youth were able to question a panel of community leaders on issues like peer pressure, and self-esteem, and true friendship.  One of the highlights of the afternoon was when Bigg-B presented a young teen girl named Karimah Bradley with a scholarship to college in the name of his mother. Knowing this young woman personally I couldn’t think of anyone else who deserved it more.  Each year 100 free book bags are given out to students at the event to help students prepare for going back to school. This year was phenomenal.  This is truly an example of real change in action. This is where talking stops and action begins. Anyone looking to truly help the young people in our community need to get involved with this event.  Teen Summit is something that we at Shaper plan to be involved in continually every summer as a part of our purpose. As I tell all of my students when encouraging them how to start everyday remembering their purpose…LiveChosen.

Young Mogul



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