Diamonds To Polish: Creating Young Leaders

Young Moguls and other young men at work on their futures.

Young Moguls and other young men at work on their futures.

All guys tying ties cropped

Tre and Tyrin tying  ties Young Mogul Meeting 1 Pose

This weekend I had the phenomenal opportunity to meet with my most recent group of empowered young men. They make up a group called our Young Mogul Leadership Team. I am beyond excited waiting to see where these young men will end up.  With the help of companies like Choices DCP,the Wilmington Police Department, and Leading Into New Communities (LINC)  we had an awesome first meeting and look forward to attending the Wilmington Minority Professional Networking Social on September 19th.  During the first meeting we discussed decision-making, resilience, college, and entrepreneurship. I believe every young man should get the opportunity to learn how to turn his visions or ideas into careers through entrepreneurship. I also had the chance to help teach these young men to tie ties. As you get older you will wear a suite more often. Especially once we get jobs and enter the workforce.  We also learned branding and the importance of setting themselves apart from others through using their creativity to produce products or services that would positively impact our world.  Each young men got a short lesson on professional dress and recieved a handout with illustrations of dressing business casual.  Young Mogul will be working to get them prepared for this world of work.


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