Follow A New Script!


I am still flying high from giving a Real Talk Presentation for young men and women at the Young Professionals Leadership Conference Friday!  Young men and women from High School and college came out to enjoy the event and take away some valuable lessons in leadership by the likes of Senators, College presidents, and administrators. The title of my presentation at this year’s conference was, HIP-HOP MANHOOD: The Deconstruction. The conference is put together by a company called Progressive Quality Solutions led by CEO, and Pender County Commissioner, Jimmy Tate. I had the opportunity to have Jimmy on the ShaperSpeaks show after the conference. Students and staff from Duplin, Brunswick, New Hanover, Guilford, Pender Counties and more enjoyed listening and learning from some of the best at what they do.

This was Shaper’s 2nd year presenting at the conference. This year my presentation focused on teaching youth to “Follow Their Own Script!” instead of adopting the roles set by media and hip-hop music.  We discussed everything from gender roles to current hip-hop songs.  Mr. Tate continues to do great things in this community and took the time to sit down with me on the ShaperSpeaks show to discuss the future of the conference and the affect of community support on the futures of young people in general.  Students attending the conference definitely recieved tools to help them become young leaders.  One of the students (shown below) even received a $250 textbook scholarship. All in all I had a great time and I cant wait until next year. Live Chosen!



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