Wilmington On Fire!

Listen to the ShaperSpeaks interview with Travis Corpening and Christopher Everett discussing “Wilmington On Fire”. Click Below

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Though many rarely discuss the pain, and horrific whispers echoed in the rich and powerful history of Wilmington North Carolina, there are a few that are brave enough to analyze its beginnings and tell the story.  Documentary filmmaker Christopher Everett is such a person.  Wilmington’s widely known yet rarely discussed 1898 race riots are the only known successful Coup D’Etat in U.S. history.  On our most recent episode of ShaperSpeaks Christopher graced us with his presence to discuss the often untold truth about the history, and future of race relations in the Port City.

In his much awaited new film, “Wilmington on Fire,” Chris takes us on a journey into the 1898 race riots as no one ever has.  The riots marked the overthrow of black, and some white, government officials by a mob of white supremacists armed with rifles and pistols that marched on City Hall in Wilmington, N.C., on November 10th of that year. The impact of the riots was felt not only on a local level but throughout North Carolina and some say are still being felt today.  Imagine removing  all of the successful black business owners from a community by fear and murder.  In a time where opportunity was already limited for a race of people, that type of economic turn-over could be felt for generations.  In the film you hear in-depth analysis of the riots by nationally recognized figures like William Darity, Professor of Public Policy, African and African-American Studies, and Economics, at Duke University and Pennsylvania psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson.

Although all of the filming is complete in order to give the film the marketing and production it deserves the project is in need of about 16,000 dollars. To help with this important historical film please take the time to support in anyway you can by clicking the link below to get to the film’s Kickstarter webpage.


To hear my candid interview with Christopher Everett, the filmmaker for “Wilmington On Fire,” please click the link at the beginning of the post.


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