LIFE Speaks, to Fathers at the N.H County Fatherhood Conference


For about 7 years now I have been involved with a group known as the New Hanover County Partnership for Fatherhood. The group’s focus is to help provide resources and opportunities to get fathers more involved in their children’s lives. We all know, all to well, the crisis in many families that exist in the form of fatherlessness in the lives of many young men and women; white and black.  Every year we host a conference to distribute resources and share ideas with families.  Well, I had the pleasure of being apart of bringing in one of the guest speakers for this year’s conference.  The artist known as ‘Life’, is a spoken word poet that has touched hearts all over the world with his raw and honest delivery of poems everyone can identify with.  It’s rare that I am in awe of a gift. However, Life reached out to so many with his words and lessons about being a great father and raising children that believe they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to. The New Hanover County Partnership for Fatherhood Conference theme this year was “Parenting: Time Well Spent”. And I must say this years conference was not only time well spent but huge success.

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