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Living Chosen: Our Student Principles

At the beginning of any Shaper course, program, or presentation you may hear the same mantra that tells participants, “You’ve been chosen for a greater purpose, destined to live beyond measure, and designed to be more than conquerors. Everyday is your opportunity to live your best life now!” In 2014 we want to reach as many students as we can with those words in mind.  Whether church groups, schools, or Universities I want to be involved with helping you create student change and develop your young leaders. Book ShaperSpeaks to perform or provide these workshops today!

 Workshop  1

Follow A New Script!



Helping teens with decision-making by teaching them to break free of following negative media and music role models to become leaders.


Teens consume 7.5 hours of media per day. If you as an adult ever take the time to see what they are watching whether on television, cell phones, music videos, movies, or social media you would see that most of the media they consume is completely against the principles you are trying to raise them to have. Even though almost all of us have had times where we’ve watched reality television, or some viral video via the internet we as adults are aware of how to separate fact from fiction, and film from reality.  Teens however are in completely different head space. They are still trying to fit in with their friends, impress that girl, or simply have someone make them feel like they are cool!  This session will teach and prompt them to think as individuals and not base their decisions on media images and peer opinion. Depending on time, format, and client budget this session can include a brief musical performance.

Workshop 2 

Young Mogul Development Workshop

Young Mogul


This 2 session workshop is designed to teach students the following skills



Prioritizing dreams versus gifts

Professional behavior on or off the job


Entrepreneurship has been the saving grace for so many people.  From those looking for something to fill the void left by unemployment and financial strain to those that simply feel a lack of purpose successful business ownership can serve the needs of many.  In late 2012 with the goal of teaching young people the importance decision-making and self-branding I began to develop an idea into a curriculum called, “The Young Mogul.” The purpose was not to teach young people to be moguls but instead to help them realize that the successful principles of moguls are useful whether you decide to be a business man or a garbage man.  We all can learn from what makes the people who have reached the top of their game great. Students love the exercises and what they are learning from them. Putting my work into practice I have started the Young Mogul Group which teaches these principles to young men. So far our moguls have accomplished some wonderful things.  My goal is to help them build their resumes now, so that it won’t be an issue later, and also to help them effectively self-brand. Scholarships, 4-year college acceptance, and local teen accolaides have all been accomplishments these young men can boast of.



Young Moguls working on business presentations.

Young Mogul

Young Mogul Meeting 1 Pose

…We also are now offering virtual student-athletic coaching 

Check us out on for athletic and life coaching. To purchase individual coaching or training contact


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