Little Girl Getting Her Bachelors at 14

Its been a while since ShaperSpeaks has put together a post. Chalk it up to trying to become a better blog site.  With that said all of us should be looking to get better at whatever we are doing.  Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is no exception and has already accomplished more than most 14 year olds.  This little girl has inspired me to spread the story about her journey to be better.  Better than AVERAGE!  Thessalonika was home schooled from 8 to 11 by her mom, Wonder Embry, who is a veteran of the United States Navy.  Thessalonika being African-American, many try to make her story about race.  I think its more about her example not only to children but to parents that being a teen scholar is possible if you work at it.  Prepare your children using whatever resources you can.  Using the average resources will probably produce average results.  One thing is for sure Thessalonika is definitely not an average young woman. Congrats!


Make sure you also check out the video!


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