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My Vote Will Count!


Warning: This show was previously recorded. The early voting period was from Oct. 23 – Nov. 1, 2014.


Hopefully by now you’ve been hearing it over and over again. Vote! And Soon! Well, not only did I get the message but I made sure I took it upon myself not only to vote, but to vote early.  And while its not the Presidential Election of 2016 its still important to be heard in local elections. Voting locally can help support whatever policies you want to see moved forward on a national level.  This is also a way of you practicing being heard in, or for your community.

Anyway, whenever you do decide to vote one thing that you always need to take note of are new rules and changes to the process. When can I vote, where do I vote (the appropriate station is critical), and what can affect whether my vote counts?  Recently I had the opportunity to speak with a couple of gentleman that were happy to oblige by answering these questions for us. One shocking remark by Ronald Spark is that on November 4th poll representatives legally cannot tell you where you are supposed to be voting. If you vote at the wrong place your vote will not count!  Early voting however could be taken care of at any poll within your district. Click above to hear what they had to say on our most recent episode of ShaperSpeaks.

For more accurate information on voting check out the following link:


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