Chosen: Gifted and Set Apart (Video)

If you missed it, this weekend I had the opportunity to get together young men to learn from some awesome professional and life teachers. The goal was for them to learn that each of them had a destiny greater than even they knew. Each of us has been Chosen or selected to be more than what most music and media tell us we are supposed to be. God’s selected each of us for greater things even before we fully realize it.  Presenters like Isaiah Hunter (owner of Wilmington JetSki Rentals), Jay Ross (Former NFL Defensive Tackle), Christian Hip-Hop artists Electionsure, and powerful poet/motivational speaker “Life” all came to share their wisdom. Students learned that it’s alright to be a professional but you need to be committed to your call and not get distracted by other’s.  Check out the short video to share in the experience.

10524640_10203019299263478_4292360600905620880_n 10170759_10203009426296660_4034985860977298690_n 10372279_10203009449497240_7742960303059291586_n10400018_10203009461457539_8687629153336836261_n

DSC_0057Chosen Boys


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