Broken is Broken

Why is it when people have grown up with a physical disadvantage, or physically broken in some way we make adjustments for them when they try to be productive members of society despite these circumstances; however when people have grown up spiritually broken and try to also be productive we shut the door. If someone has a slight limp we give them more time to enter the elevator, or to cross the street to get to work.  If someone has a criminal background because they grew up spiritually broken (homeless, in poverty,etc.) but has since moved passed it we judge by who they were and not who they are. It frustrates me to no end everyday to see the disparities.  You never know the whole story.  Even though you cant see scars doesn’t mean there was no hurt.  After the healing has happened and they have moved forward the only difference in them and you is…nothing.  -Shaper


One thought on “Broken is Broken

  1. Amen brother…this is such a powerful analogy and so true. Thanks for keeping all of us aware of the ongoing struggle of this very sad truth. People like you can help to bring about much needed change.

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