How Hard Are You Working To See It Happen

Someone said to me this past weekend in a leadership session I was attending that they had recently been motivated by the question, “Do you have FAITH for the MIDDLE?”  At first, it sounded like it made no sense.  But as she explained what she meant I felt like it was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. At what point does your faith fizzle?

You see we often start out of the gate motivated and on fire to get better. We even tend to find the additional strength to push through when we see the end in sight. But what happens in between when things don’t move the way you feel like they should? What happens when it doesn’t look like you are moving in the right direction or even moving at all? Do you have faith for the middle?  Hard work doesn’t always ensure a win, but what it does, is guarantee 3 things.

1. Your struggles will make you stronger.

2. Your losses will make you smarter (if you learn from them).

3. You are priming your current situation to change or get better.

You see the excitement of the vision is just the beginning.  It’s easy to push yourself when you know the win is in sight. But the PLAN and work that is put in during those seemingly unproductive moments are when you learn, grow, and ultimately get the tools you need for the next test.  Ask any successful leader when they learn the most and quite often you will hear that it wasn’t in the wins but during the losses. That’s how they became successful. So the next time you begin to feel like you are making no progress I want you to begin to think of that moment as the richest, most valuable part of the process. Look back at where you started. Assess what you know now. Take just a second to appreciate your own progress.  And recalibrate to finish the test.

– Travis Corpening

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