Hi. I am Travis Corpening M.A, creator and CEO of Shaper.  Shaper is an entity designed to educate and empower through music, movement, and media.  For years now I have traveled throughout various cities teaching and spreading a message to uplift, educate, and inspire change in a way that makes a difference in the lives of others. Even though I have spent a large portion of my life focused on athletics and achieving in the arena of sports I have been able to successfully expand my brand, or identity beyond that of just being an athlete. My background ranges from working with K-12 school systems and collegiate institutions to non-profit agencies. I have facilitated presentations on topics like the working with high risk populations, motivating youth, and teaching healthy decisions, gangs,  and more. Throughout my career I have also conducted and developed various social and ethnic diversity trainings for state and local agencies.  Attempting to create a name as a vehicle through which I could do this work I chose the word Shaper. Shaper is more than a company, it is a movement created to help people grow. I truly believe that no matter what the age, class, or background we all have a responsibility to help those we can. Education is the one thing that can truly help even the playing field.  My goal is to use Shaper to show the world that anything is possible; IF YOU BELIEVE.

We all can do more!  Everyone can be better!  We all can reach higher!

What We’ve Done!

  • Nationally Syndicated Radio
  • Presenter 2011 4th annual UNCW Youth Health Summit
  • Youth Training at Lexington High/Middle School  in 2010 for Gear Up
  • The Eye of the Mentor Staff Development Webinar Training-Coastal Horizons 2010
  • Youth and Family Training -Virgo Middle School
  • Keynote speaker at the 2008 1st annual UNCW Youth Health Summit
  • Presenter at the 2009 Student Leadership Conference for The National Coalition for Exemplary Schools-NC State
  • 3-time presenter at the UNCW Youth Health Summit
  • Author of, The Eye of the Mentor: Hip to the Game, to teach social understanding and cultural diversity
  • Member of the National Educators Association
  • Presenter at the 2009 Communities In Schools of NC Conference Cultivating Success
  • 3- time CAA Track and Field Champion
  • 5-year varsity athlete in basketball and Track and Field
  • Local television appearances speaking on community issues
  • Presenter at the 2008 and 2009 New Hanover County Partnership for Fatherhood Conference
  • Completed 26 hours at the 2008 OJJDP National Gang Symposium
  • Presenter at the 2007 Cape Fear Young Adult Conference

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