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Living Chosen: Our Student Principles

At the beginning of any Shaper course, program, or presentation you may hear the same mantra that tells participants, “You’ve been chosen for a greater purpose, destined to live beyond measure, and designed to be more than conquerors. Everyday is your opportunity to live your best life now!”

 This is what I honest believe and use to motivate myself each day. All students, young and old, have the potential to do great things. As mentors, teachers,  parents, counselors, and life coaches our job is to help people face their biggest challenges. I believe one way to do that is by helping students understand that they have been made; and even chosen to be successful. Living chosen means you don’t have to ask or wonder about whether you can be great or win in the face of adversity.  You believe that you were uniquely made and designed to win the challenge.  In order to do that however they have to make good decisions and break their goals down into 3 steps.

 1. Develop a vision for what they want to do.

 2. Develop a plan and prepare to accomplish the vision despite adversity.

 3. Execute your plan for that vision.

“The workshops I offer are simple. Each is designed to address what often is our biggest issue…OURSELVES! We are always open however to tailoring sessions for your needs.”



 Staff Training

“Hey man, I’m digging the book! Every educator needs to read this!”

– Shawn C. Black, Prevention Educator

Coastal Horizons, Inc.

The Eye of the Mentor is not only a great read for every parent, educator, and counselor. It is also a training tool used to assist teachers in their everyday classrooms through a solution focused approach. The Eye of Mentor is a cultural awareness and staff development training used to help youth service providers teach, reach, and mentor beyond race, class, and gender. Based on statistical data and years of experience working with youth from high risk populations the training helps prepare youth service providers to better communicate, socially understand, and address the behaviors many of their students may exhibit.

The Eye of the Mentor training was started in 2006 after recognizing the need for teachers and youth service providers to have a working knowledge of where the behavior and issues occurring in their schools come from. Spending years working for various youth service agencies, I began to notice an enormous disconnect between the life many students experience and the instructors that were leading them. We stand on the premise that if you know where the behaviors are coming from, then you are better able to stop them before they happen. For some students many of the expectations of school are in complete opposition to the lifestyle the students have to live in order to manuever situations daily in their home lives. Together we will help you develop the simple understanding of :

  • Why students feel fighting is a viable option to problem solve.
  • How I, as a youth service provider from a totally different background, understand and meet them where they are.
  • Where many of the behaviors you see displayed in your classroom come from.
  • How music and popular culture change the environment of your classroom.
  • The psychology of gangs as well as signs and symbols.
  • Why it’s important that I understand their culture and how will it help me.

This training has received a tremendous response from it’s participants and many have requested it be brought to their individual school in hopes of helping their staff. Also available is the book, “The Eye of the Mentor: Hip to the Game” for those looking to understand even more of the hidden rules of youth culture that effect the classroom.

Student Workshop: Follow a New Script




Helping teens with decision-making by teaching them to break free of following negative media and music role models and become leaders.


Teens consume 7.5 hours of media per day. If you as an adult ever take the time to see what they are watching whether on television, cell phones, music videos, movies, or social media you would see that most of the media they consume is completely against the principles you are trying to raise them to have. Even though almost all of us have had times where we’ve watched reality television, or some viral video via the internet we as adults are aware of how to separate fact from fiction, and film from reality.  Teens however are in completely different head space. They are still trying to fit in with their friends, impress that girl, or simply have someone make them feel like they are cool!  This session will teach and prompt them to think as individuals and not base their decisions on media images. Depending on time, format, and client budget this session can include a brief musical performance.


Young Mogul Development Course

 Young Mogul Logo

All guys tying ties cropped

Young Mogul

Young Mogul

Young Mogul


Young Mogul Business Presentations

Entrepreneurship has been the saving grace for so many people.  From those looking for something to fill the void left by unemployment and financial strain to those that simply feel a lack of purpose successful business ownership can serve needs of many.  A while ago with the goal of teaching young people the importance decision-making and self-branding I began to develop an idea into a curriculum called, “The Young Mogul.” The purpose was not to teach young people to be moguls but instead to help them realize that the successful principles of moguls are useful whether you decide to be a business man or a garbage man.  From those who have been laid off, ex-offenders, to troubled men and women we all can learn from what makes people great that have reached the top of their game. Students love the exercises and what they are learning from them. Students receiving a certificate will have learned: 


Decision Making

Business Planning

Professional behavior on or off the job

Improved Vocabulary and it’s importance and much more…

Student Coaching

Check us out on for athletic and life coaching. To purchase individual coaching or training contact


The Digital Mentor

Click to have your students visit: The Digital Mentor

  • Music        
  • Videos and more…
I Believe In You!

In creating an effective tool for youth to use in the classroom as well as at home and on the streets I have designed a media program titled, The Digital Mentor.  This Digital Mentor is an interactive site that allows subscribers access to music, videos, and stories that they may use as tools to help students resolve inner issues as well as work on listening and reading comprehension.  The concept developed from the idea that youth should have access to a mentor whenever they have the need. Knowing that, “Teenagers listen to 2.5 hours of music per day,” and that “Studies have long shown that media messages have a pronounced impact on childhood risk behaviors”, I have created a Digital Mentor CD to empower students.  The Digital Mentor gives them a tool they can actually carry around with them and listen too whenever they need to cope with various stressors that may occur at school, at home, or in the community.

The Digital Mentor is alive and will aim to change and adapt to what youth are experiencing on a day to day basis.

In it are songs that most youth experiencing hardships can identify with and use whenever they are feeling hurt or disheveled. 

Take comfort in knowing that the music we post through “The Digital Mentor”  subscription site will be profanity free, and promote of culture of positive self-worth linked to good decision making.

                            Click Here:


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